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If you have additional questions, please contact us here.

  • What documents are required to provide an HOI quote?
    In order to provide you with an HOI quote we need the following documents: 1003 Form, Appraisal (if you have), Mortgage Loan Amount, and Policy Effective Date.
  • What´s your turnaround time for a HOI quote?
    We promise a 90-minute turnaround time, but we strive to provide it in less time.
  • How many carriers do you work with?
    We work with over a dozen different carriers that offer a variety of coverages to fit your transactional needs. We are always researching the marketplace and are open to adding more carriers to meet our Mortgage Partners expectations.
  • What states do you operate in?
    We are licensed and do business in the following states: Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.
  • What differentiates your agency from the competition?
    What differentiates IPA from our competitors is our rapid response time, our many years of experience working with Mortgage Lenders on thousands of transactions, and the versatility of being an independent broker that allows us to work with a variety of carriers in order to provide competitive options to our Lenders.
  • If I need to make a change, how quickly can I receive updated documents?
    If and when you require changes, and if these changes are within our business hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM, we will honor our 90-minute turnaround time or less. If you need changes outside of these hours, the requested changes will be provided as soon as possible.
  • What type of Homeowners Policies do you provide?
    We provide Primary Home (HO3), Condominium Policy (HO6), and Secondary/Investment Property "Rental" (Dwelling Fire).
  • Do you offer Flood Insurance?
    Yes we do! We offer several options to properly cover properties for Flood.
  • Can you provide a lower rate to our clients if policies are bundled with Auto Insurance?
    Absolutely! Discount percentages range depending on the carrier and many other deciding factors.
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